Persona Driven Marketing – Why (and How) You Should Create Buyer Personas


Marketers who want to make the most of their budgets (don’t we all) are often tempted to create content that will have the broadest possible reach and appeal. After all, you never know who your next customer might be.

Unfortunately, this strategy rarely yields results, especially for niche products and services. The fact is, you probably do know who your next customer might be – or at least is most likely to be. And your marketing must resonate with that specific individual. That’s where audience personas come in.

Buyer personas are imaginary composite consumers who have all the characteristics of your ideal client, from geographic location to age, income, role, needs and pain points. Personas are often based on your current successful customers, but also on the kinds of clients you aspire to acquire.

Studies show that persona development coincides with expedited growth across nearly every metric, from click-through rate to email open rate.

Creating perfect buyer personas


  • Start negative.Many companies start the persona creation process by developing negative buyer personas. These outline the kind of people who, for whatever reason, seem to clog your sales funnel, cost you money, but don’t buy.

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